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70 Cohare | Kolibri Türkis-Gelb

  •  Mit Furoshiki Tüchern nachhaltig verpacken!
  • Furoshiki istein fast quadratisches Tuch,das vor allem in Japan in traditioneller Weise als Verpackeung und als Tragebeutel verwendet wird.
  • Größe: 70 x 70 cm (70,1 x 70,1 cm)
  • Material: 100% Baumwolle
  • Made in Japan  

Product Description

When a forest fire occurred. The hummingbird which carried each drop of water.
He laughed at the animals which escaped from a forest.
“what is the point? 

Hummingbird reply to them, I'm doing the only thing I can do.
Many people are moved by importance of this small power, and it's said that the “drop Ewhich can be made first was the trigger for everything which followed.
Ivy has a strong in life force and when combined with a hummingbird, and it has a lucky design.

Furoshiki Cohare 70 Kolibri Türkis-Gelb

22,00 €Preis
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