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The Furoshiki Aquadrop series is now in the range at Kawaii Munich!


my experience with Furoshiki Aquadrop

To be honest, I refused to include these Aqua Drops in my range for a long time. Furoshiki is also about sustainability, which is why I only have 100% cotton or organic cotton in my range. I didn't want anything out of there  Take polyester. But I've always seen situations in which I wanted to protect something from the rain, which is why I bought one for myself.

it's like a flexible umbrella!

It can be changed into so many forms and as protection  use against moisture or dirt.

When I've bought something from the cooling corner, I often have something in my bag that mustn't get wet or damp, which I then pack in FuroshikiAquadrop!


Originally, this type of furoshikis came about because there are many natural disasters in Japan. Then there is no more running water and you had to somehow transport your drinking water. With these furoshikis you can actually transport water !!

How great is that !

Now furoshikiaquadrop always accompanies me in my Furoshiki bag! it can be used practically for so many stuctions!

Compact umbrella! and dirt protection!

What is Furoshiki Aquadrop?

AQUA DROP a practical, water-repellent outdoor and rainy day Furoshiki 

The cover has a "water-repellent coating" on the surface and protects important bags and luggage from sudden rain.

It can also be used as a simple leisure seat or as a tablecloth.

When the water-repellent effect wears off, simply apply an iron (medium temperature) and the water-repellent effect will return.

The tightly woven fabric and the water-repellent layer on the surface are so stable that you could carry water in them!

The Furoshiki itself is light and compact, so it can be conveniently stowed in a bag.

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