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Via Furoshiki Musubi in Kyoto  


Paving the way for the future of Furoshiki


Yamada sen-i was founded in 1937 as a Manufactory of Furoshiki and they have focused on promoting Furoshiki, which  is one of the most beautiful Japanese cultures.

It grew out of the  Hearts and minds of the Japanese.

The name of the Furoshiki brand "MUSUBI" comes from Japanese  "Born (生 す / musu)" and "beauty (美 / bi)".

In addition, "MUSUBI" means "a knot" and "to tie".

MUSUBI manufactures and sells hundreds of different furoshiki using various dyeing and weaving techniques such as double-sided dyeing.


Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese culture that was developed through the profound mind and wisdom of the Japanese. Although our lifestyle has changed nowadays, Musubi would like to  Enrich your life with Furoshiki.

Furoshiki collection


ISA-MONYO laboratory has created many kinds of samples and designs since the 1940s.

They have over 3,000 sewing patterns made from kakishibu (persimmon tannin).


You will hardly find double-sided fabric prints with the same patterns on both sides.

Shantan, one of the most popular cotton fabrics, is strong enough to carry heavy stuff.

The texture will be softer after washing.


You will find the colored weaving threads on one side.

It's not flawed.

This happens during a dyeing process.

Each Isa-Monyo can look unique as it is handcrafted by a craftsman.

Kata kata


The stencil dye artist Kata Kata is a unit consisting of Takeshi Matsunaga and Tomoe Takai. Dyed cloth by pattern dyeing, injection dyeing and printing is made and exhibited in many exhibitions and group exhibitions. Various goods such as towels are also sold in general stores across the country and are enjoying increasing popularity. Such cute and funny kata kata animals have become a favorite. The small size can be used for lunch, kitchen towel and handkerchief wrapping. The size can also be enjoyed as a tapestry or interior towel.



Yumeji Takehisa Yumeji Takehisa was a representative painter, and Taisho Roman was a pioneer of graphic designer.

It's a popular design that uses dynamic patterns, pop designs, and retrospective colors.

They are a colorful line-up for different scenes.

In this series we think of the design of popular flowers such as shidaume, dandelion and rose. Please use this for yourself as well as for celebrations, seasonal gifts and gift wrapping.

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