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 what is Kurumibotann?

In Japan, buttons covered with fabric are very popular! You can with it  Make hair accessories  or beautify clothes. Individual pieces are created in no time at all. 

Kurumibotan is available as a kit. have fun!

ク ル ミ ボ タ ン

The fabrics are designed and manufactured in Japan !!

handmade in munich!

Kurumibotan ❤💝⭐_Dieser Stoff ist einer
Kurumibotan Ringe💍💝_Diese Ringe sind m
Kurumibotan Mini❤️ Kleiner Durchmesser 1

Mehr aus meinem Kurumibotan haaraccessoires Sortiment, könnt ihr genre
in meinem Etsy shop anschauen!

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