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Nachhaltig verpacken mit Furoshiki Tuch!!

Zero Waste!Umweltfreudlich!

Furoshiki ist ein fast quadratisches Tuch , vor allem in Japan in traditioneller Weise als Verpackung und als Tragebeutel verwendet wird.


48 Isa monyo Reversible | Sakura Rosa


Die Kirschblüte ist ein Symbol für Blume, bringt Glück und hat die Japaner schon immer zu jeder Jahreszeit geliebt.


Product Description

The design which makes budding image, A lucky design which makes are imagine the origin of the matter and growth.

Product Detail

     Größe: 48 x 48 cm .

  • Weight : 43 g.
  • Material : 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Gift Wrapping (Lunch Box etc..)

Isa monyo Reversible

This series is special reversible processing. Two side is the same pattern but different color.
It is proud of no other techniques. Please enjoy two side color.

Isa monyo

The Isa monyo Research Institute was founded by the late Kunio Isa. From the showa period 20’s, a number of patterns and designs have been recreated.
Using traditional techniques. These pattern are delicate charm for modern design.

Furoshiki S 48 Isa monyo Reversible Sakura Rosa/japantradition

15,00 €Preis
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